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(, 2007/8/8) By Nick Mulvenney
BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing's Olympic countdown extravaganza suggests China is likely to put on a spectacular show next August, but the run-up also illustrated that the next 382 days are unlikely to be trouble free for the hosts.
Beijing awoke to blue skies and sunshine on Thursday, but the images of heavy smog carried by the world's media in the preceding week will be hard to shift.
"My concerns, which I believe are the concerns of everyone, are the climate and the environment and especially the air environment," International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge said soon after arriving in Beijing on Monday.
Two hazy grey days later and Rogge was conceding that some endurance events at the Games would have to be postponed if the air quality was not up to scratch.
Rogge said Beijing organizers had promised to close factories and take 1.3 million of the city's 3 million cars off the roads from August 8 to 24 next year.
If the Chinese government was hoping for a wholly positive image dividend from the Games, it will have been disabused by the stream of critical reports from human rights and media freedom pressure groups released over the last week.
There have also been a series of complaints worldwide about the safety of Chinese food and drugs.
Even as the celebrations in Tiananmen Square were winding down, six western activists, who on Tuesday had unveiled a banner at the Great Wall calling for a "Free Tibet", were deported to Hong Kong after two days in detention.
China is often criticized in the West for its harsh rule of the Himalayan region it occupied in 1950.

There are more demonstrations to come and not all of them in places where the Chinese authorities will have control over events.
"Tibetans and their supporters have vowed more protests during the torch relay next year," read a statement released by Students for a Free Tibet.
The torch relay will visit 20 cities around the world from March next year and will include an attempt to take the Olympic flame up Mount Everest, which sits on the border between Tibet and Nepal.


With 21,600 media accredited for next year's Games and up to half that number expected to turn up to report from the city without IOC credentials, the Beijing Games promise to be the most intensely scrutinized Olympics in history.
There is little doubt the visitors will see spectacular venues and opening and closing ceremonies the equal of any in Olympic history.
Wednesday's countdown ceremony was a blizzard of color and glitz punctured with fireworks. Celebrities from movie star Jackie Chan to internationally renowned pianist Lang Lang took the stage to show their support.
Off Tiananmen Square, where troops crushed pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 with huge loss of life, police needed reinforcements to keep out the uninvited masses who were hoping to catch a peak of the show. The operation was more messy than dangerous.
That the people were there at all, though, was a reminder that hosting the Olympics is not just a Communist Party project but a huge source of pride for most of the world's most populous nation.
"It has been a century-long dream for the Chinese to host an Olympic Games," top Communist Party official Wu Bangguo said in a speech at the ceremony. "With these Games, the Chinese will have better understanding and cooperation with the rest of the world."

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(Jiujik Magazine, 2007/8/8)

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