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From the experience I got in the field trip, I agree very much that the Mauritius government has done a lot to keep its most enchanting characteristic - multiculturalism and multilingualism. It was amazing to see how Indian, African, Chinese and European languages melted into a big pot. There were television programmes broadcast in French, Creole and Indian; there were Hindi and Tamil temples and also Catholic churches; Chinese and Creole cultural centres can also be found on the island.

Living in Hong Kong for more than twenty years, we can often heard visitors from other countries saying that Hong Kong is a place where the east meets the west, and praising how different people can live harmoniously in tiny place. However after visiting Mauritius, I can the east and the south (Africa) meeting the west, and this experience somehow makes the dazzling Oriental Pearl looks paler.


* A mosque near our hotel at Royal Road, Grand Baie


* A Shiva temple in Grand Bassin

* A Christian cemetery

* Chinese cultural centre

* Sega dance, a traditional Mauritian dance.

* Seggae, the combination of Sega music Reggae originated in Jamaica.

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