Me Against the World


feat. Dramacydal

It's just me against tha World.... ooohhhhh ooohhhhh..... just me against tha world baby.... ohhhhhh ohhhhhh...... I got nothin' ta lose, it's just me against tha world...... ohhhhh..... Stuck in tha game Me against tha world baby Can you picture my prophecy? Stress in tha city. Tha cops is hot for me. Tha projects is full of bullets. Tha bodies is droppin', there ain't no stoppin me. Constantly movin' while makin' millions. Witnessin' killings. Leavin dead bodies in abandoned building. Scary's tha children, 'cause they're illin'. Addicted to killin' a near appeal from tha cap pealin'. What I'm feelin'. But will they last or be blasted. Hard headed bastard. Maybe he'll listen in his casket. Tha aftermath. More bodies being buried. I'm losin my homies in a hurry. They're relocating to tha cemetary. Got me worried, stressin'. My visions bluried. Tha question is will I live. No one in tha world loves me. I'm headed for danger. Don't trust strangers. Put one in tha chamber. Whatever I'm feelin' is anger. Don't wanna make excuses. 'Cause this is how it is. What's tha use? Unless we're shootin', no one notices tha youth. It's Just Me against tha World baby ooohhhhh Me against tha world It's Just me against tha world ooohhhhh It's Just Me Against tha World Me Against tha World 'Cause it's just me against tha world baby Me against tha World ooohhhh yeeah I got nothin' ta lose It's Just me against tha world baby I got nothin' ta lose [Dramacydal:] Could somebody help me? I'm out here all by myself, seeing ladies in stores baby capones livin wealthy Pictures of my birth on tha surface What I'm dreamin'. Seein' daddy seein' full of crooked deamons Already crazy and screamin' I guess them nightmares as a child had me scared but left me prepared for awhile Is there another route for crooked outlaws that are in a villian of young thugs. Everyday is more death. Plus I'm more rollin. I'm seein more beatins for me to proceed with fear. Scheme on scheming and leavin' their peeps greivin' 'cause ain't no bucks ta stack up. My nuts is backed up. I'm about ta act up. Go load tha mack up. Now watch me klack up. Try makin' fat cuts. But yo it ain't workin. And evil's lurkin'. I can see him smirkin'. When I gets tha bourbon. So what. Go put some work in a nd make my mail makin' sells riskin 25 with a 'L', but oh well [chorus] [Tupac:] With all this extra stressin'. Tha question, I wonder is after death, I feel my last breath when will I finaly get to rest from this supression? They punish tha people that's askin questions and those that possess steal from tha ones without possesions. Tha message I stress, to make it stop. Study your lessons, don't settle for less. Even tha genius asks questions. Be greatful for blessins. Don't ever change. Keep your essence. Tha power's in tha people and tha politics we address. Always do your best Don't let this pressure make ya panic And when ya get stranded, and things don't go tha way ya planed it Dreaming of riches. In a position of makin' a difference Politicions and hypocrites, they don't wanna listen If i'm insane, then tha fame ain't about ta change It wasn't nothin' like tha game It's just me Against tha World [Chorus] Remember one thing Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that So no matter how hard it gets stick ya chest out, keep ya head up and handle it Me against tha World. Me against tha world. Me against tha world...

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