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If you would make link/banner exchamge or bacame affiliate, please copy and paste one of follows html-codes in your site/blog, and than cont@ct me on interactive box in Intro page

<a href="http://it.geocities.com/patrickviera14"><img src="http://it.geocities.com/patrickviera14/Immagini/Banner.gif" border=0 alt="Tutto su PATRICK VIERA"></a>

layout :

Tutto su PATRICK VIERA-http://it.geocities.com/patrickviera14

<a href="http://it.geocities.com/patrickviera14"><img src="http://it.geocities.com/patrickviera14/Immagini/Banner_sm.gif" border=0 alt="Tutto su PATRICK VIEIRA"></a>

layout :

Tutto su PATRICK VIEIRA-http://it.geocities.com/patrickviera14

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