the Dartmouth Environment Elementary Renderer



deer is the Dartmouth Environment Elementary Renderer, a set of programs for emulating the original Dartmouth DCTS system, the same on which the first BASIC compiler was written in 1964. deer at present is composed of two programs:
The ALGOL interpreter is under conception.


Available documentation (which is contained into the downloadable package and is linked here for your convenience):


The deer bash script may be executed anywhere, provided you put it into a directory contained into the PATH; the dib executable, instead, before use, must be compiled and installed. I suggest the following (easy) procedure in 4 steps:

1) Copy the package somewhere, and unpack it using tar:

$ tar zxvf deer.1.0.beta.tgz
$ cd distrib/

 now, choose a directory into your path, where executables will be saved; let's assume it's ~/bin (that is subdirectory /bin in your Home directory, but you can choose any).

2) edit the Makefile to customize addresses for dib (e.g., among the rest, change the install directory to ~/bin, commenting the undesired destinations and leaving uncommented ONE ONLY valid destination).

3) type the following (be sure to have gcc installed - Note: I compiled dib under gcc 4.X, I believe all 3.X versions will work, and I hope even version 2.95 will work, but I don't guarantee it):

$ make
$ make install

(the latter may require root privileges if you try to install dib into system directories).

For Mac Users: in case you want to install dib into some system directory (e.g. /user/local/bin), remember that root privileges are not required, as long as you can access an administrative login: in this case, after make, login as an administrator with

$ su <name>

(being <name> the username of the administrator) - you will be requested of a password - and then install the software with

$ sudo make install

4) now type the following (if you want):

$ deer --help
$ dib --help

to learn the basic facts, and you're done! If you please, copy the USER directory (contained in the distrib/ directory) to your home deer directory (which is located under $HOME/.deer). There you will find many examples, ready to be run.

Note: I wrote both programs on Mac OS X 10.4.X, so I expect some differences with Linux and/or Unix machines.


Version 1.0.beta (Dec. 06, 2008) 
Download it here.

I wait for your impressions and bugs. Version 1.0 final will be the version you and I will build together from this beta version. Send me your suggestions, your considerations, your corrections; even send me your working BASIC programs for dib, all commented and completed with your own name and data (and six characters per name): they will be part of the next package, of course.
It's GPL! Enjoy!

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