[updated: 23.8.2002]

About BMiS

BMiS is a subgroup of Babble an international yaoi Slam Dunk forum. With the influx of many Singapore yaoi SD fans we re quite the straight typical girls-next-door .

The official organiser is Mae (that's me... =) and I'm a really busy person T__T). The co-organiser (though she doesn't know it) is Pastles, 'coz she's always helping me with the venues and is always there for all the outings organised.

BMiS is not really a club, Mae would prefer it as more of a "group" thing. So-called members listed here are those who live in Singapore and have attended at least one group outing.

We usually have outings when most of us are free, have lunch together, walk around, find a spot to hang out and sketch, write, gossip (it's an all girls' thing! ^^). First-timers are to carry a SD manga book when they come to the meeting place, for identification purposes. On most of the outings, Mae (busy ol' me) will draw a chibi group pic.

After some contemplations, the organiser (mae again... >.<) decided to set up this site which was finally put up on Wednesday, 21 November 2001.

No. of Members: 23 (click for email, *new) - Mae
- Pastles
- chibi angel
- Enigma
- Issei
- jaayyx
- Jem
* Keax
- Liz
- lynn
- MicroMouse
- Mist
* Murasaki
* nightshade
- Pei Ling
- Sho
- Sol Chere
- Srain
* Steph
- tensai
- Yev
- Yolande
- Yukijorou

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