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If you would like to take your diving further, the simplest way to progress is to join our local BSAC club and enrol in the entry level Ocean Diver course. You can learn over a succession of evenings at your own pace under the supervision of our friendly experienced club instructors. 

Our trainee member fee is �185 and comprises:

  •     BSAC Subscription

  •     Club Membership

  •     Personal liability insurance

  •     Monthly magazine �DIVE�

  •     Training manuals

  •     Diving log book

  •     Qualification record book

  •     Qualification card upon completion of Ocean Diver course

  •     Pool & Open-Water training

  •     Use of club equipment during your first twelve months as a trainee

  •     Air fills

  •     Classroom lectures and theory exam

  •     Pool use for swimming during the winter season on club nights

    Whilst the majority of equipment is provided free during the first years membership as a trainee, we encourage members to begin purchasing their own equipment, beginning with smaller items such as mask, fins, snorkel etc in order to become familiarised with their own personal equipment and its use. Should you require the use of club equipment after you have qualified, a modest charge is imposed to cover the costs of its maintenance and repair.

    As you progress through the Ocean Diver course, a wet-suit or semi-dry suit, boots and gloves are the minimum protective clothing required for the open-water training sessions which will begin in the Spring at the local Upper Lliw Reservoir. These may be obtained second hand at a reasonable price or possibly borrowed from existing members of the club who have spare equipment.

    The remaining essential items required once training is complete are Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD or Stab jacket), weight belt and weights, open water fins (open heel type), regulator set, underwater torch and air cylinder!

    The club compressor is available for the filling of personal cylinders � please see our equipments officers for training on its use and limitations.

    We also invite experienced divers of all levels to join our club and can provide assistance with crossing over to BSAC qualification grades from various other agencies such as PADI and SAA. You can begin by attending an orientation Try-Dive with one of our instructors who will determine at what level you can begin training from.

    Our club membership renewal date is the 1st April at which point you will be invited to rejoin the club in order to continue with your training and benefit from the extensive range of equipment and expertees of the club instructors.

    Currently the club membership renewal costs �168 for a Full Diving Member consisting of �50 BSAC Membership and �118 Club Subscription. Discounts are available for Advanced Divers, Instructors, Junior, Social, and Family members

Contact our Membership Secretary for more info on joining!

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