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How do episodes released on DVD/Video differ from their originalUK broadcast?

Before we embark on this, there are a couple of ground rules.

1. This list is by no means definitive and any amendment or corrections must be sent to me via email

2. All episodes prior to 1970 are telerecorded. This is the process of pointing a film camera at a monitor showing a programme or clip and filming it for the purpose of archiving or overseas sales. By this method we continue to enjoy vintage episodes of Dr Who, especially as the master video tapes from which the telerecordings were made have been wiped. I see no point in listing the fact that every episode up to and including 'The War Games' is subject to geometric distortion as a result of telerecording. We'll just take that as read, and not as per the original transmission. There are exceptions to this rule, i.e. ones which were broadcast directly from a telerecording- which would have been done to facilitate ease of editing in the fledling days of tape editing. Some episodes are now being VID-FIRED to restore the look of video tape.

3. Some episodes post 1970 up to to 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' Part 1 are similarly afflicted.

4. Episodes post 1970 that have been colourised using tele-recordings suffer from the same geometric distortion. Time Monster 6 is the exception to this as the black and white source was VT.

5. Some episodes suffer from being multi generation, and twice standards converted, so technically they will also be 'not as broadcast'. A good example of this is 'Colony in Space'.

6. Some early episodes have been tidied up to remove poor technical shot changes, and faults relating to tele-recording.

Without any further ado, here is the list.

An Uneartly Child (Pilot) (Beginning Box Set) Since the first transmission of this was as an edited version shown as part of The Lime Grove Story in 1993, it's a weird one to begin with. The full unedited version of the pilot with fluffs and retakes are on the DVD, as is a specially edited version of the pilot whcih is compiled from the best bits of all the source material in the original recording.

An Unearthly Child: (1st VHS release) Next Episode caption from part 4 removed  Restored for the subsequent release and DVD.

The Daleks: (1st  VHS release)The  final scene in the TARDIS is faded out before cliffhanger and 'Next Episode' caption from part 7 removed. Restored for the subsequent release and DVD

Marco Polo: (Audio only) Narration Added

The Aztecs: Some scenes curtailed due to print damage. 'Next Episode' caption from part 4 removed.

The Aztecs (DVD): Opening titles from episode 4 used as a standard to replace the other three. Sound fault corrected on opening music on episode 1. All four episodes Vidfired to restore video look. Missing 'd' added to Susan's dialogue.

Sensorites: Vidfired to restore video look. In the scene where Susan is talking to the first elder, she asks if he'll let them leave and he replies that he thinks he will. The VHS restoration is cut at this point. The ABC broadcast copy continues with the first elder saying -

"I hope all of you will be able to..." followed by an abrupt cut to the next scene. Looks like the end of his sentence got lost somewhere after the original broadcast and it was trimmed in the restoration to make it cleaner. (BK)

Planet of Giants: Episodes 1 and 2 vidfired to restore video look (Episode 3 was originally transmitted from a telerecording.). A scene in part 3 is curtailed to remove a technical fault

Reign Of Terror  (CD Audio Only). Narration added

Reign Of Terror (VHS) Episode 1,2,3,6 only with links across the missing episode 4 and 5 by Carole Ann Ford

Dalek Invasion of Earth (VHS): 'Next Episode' caption from part 6 removed

Dalek Invasion of Earth (DVD): A van that should not have been in shot, was digitally removed from location footage in part 3. The story can also be viewed with new CGI shots (principally of the Dalek saucer) as a an option, although the default version on the disc uses the original effects. The episodes were VIDFIRE-d to restore the original video look and new closing credit captions in the style of the original were made.

The Rescue: Final scene in the TARDIS faded out before cliffhanger and 'Next Episode' caption from part 2 removed.

Web Planet: (VHS release) Next Episode caption from part 6 removed, and closing credits to part 6 replaced by the electronically generated ones created for overseas sales of movie-length editions. Restored for the DVD

The Crusades: ( VHS Box set)  Print damage to part 1. Directors credit on part 1 lifted from part 3, as original was missing. Linking material for missing episodes 2 and 4 included, presented by William Russell. Part 2 and 4 released in accompanying box on CD without narration.

The Crusades: Lost in Time DVD: As above but with audio episodes included on the DVD

The Crusades: (Audio only) Narration Added

Time Meddler (DVD): CGI insert to restore missing bit of William Hartnell footage from episode 1. 12 seconds is missing from episode 4. The quality of the existing prints is poor so VidFIRE has not been applied

Galaxy 4: (Audio only) Narration Added

Myth Makers:(Audio only): Narration added

Mission to the Unknown/Daleks Masterplan: (Audio only): Narration Added

Massacre: (Audio only): Narration added

Celestial Toymaker 4 : (Hartnell Years VHS) Next Episode caption  missing from part 4. (Lost in Time DVD) Vidfired to restore video look, titles remade- including directors credit!

Celestial Toymaker: (Audio only): Narration added

Gunfighters: Vidfired to restore video look.

The Savages: (Audio only): Narration added.

War Machines: Some scenes curtailed due to overseas censorship on returned print and print damage.  The VHS and subsequent DVD release goes some way to address these cuts.

The Smugglers: (Audio only): Narration Added

Tenth Planet: Part 4 missing but reconstructed using telesnaps, publicity stills and home movie clips.

Tenth Planet: (Audio only): Narration Added

Power of the Daleks (Audio only): Narration Added. (CD-Rom version) Sountrack combined with telesnap animation

Highlanders (Audio only): Narration added

Underwater Menace (Audio only): Narration Added

Moonbase (Audio only): Narration Added

Macra Terror (Audio only): Narration added

Faceless Ones (Audio only): Narration Added

Evil of the Daleks (Audio only): (Cassette release) Narration Added. Pertwee opening theme used in error. Scene in episode 1 involving The Beatles song 'Paperback Writer' removed. (CD Release). Scene in episode 1 involving The Beatles song 'Paperback Writer' has had song unpicked from soundtrack and replaced by another

Tomb of the Cybermen DVD: Damage and technical faults repaired as best as possible, especially in part 4.

Abominable Snowmen (Audio only): Narration Added

Abominable Snowmen (Lost in Time DVD) : Missing line from the Doctor painstakingly rebuilt using words from other sources. It is possible that the original line was missing from transmission as all extant audio versions of the episode from various countries have the same fault! (SJ)

Ice Warriors: Ep 2 and 3 reconstructed in shortened version using telesnaps. Audio of episodes 2 and 3 included on CD without narration.

Ice Warriors  (CD Audio Only). Narration added

Enemy of the World (Audio only): Narration Added

Web of Fear (Audio only): Narration added

Fury from the Deep (Audio only): (Cassette Release) Narration Added Pertwee opening theme used in error. (CD Release) New narration added

Wheel in Space 6: Next Week caption removed.

Dominators: Next Week caption removed from final episode. Some edits to violent scenes, as the prints used were returned from Australia where the cuts were made prior to transmission.

Dominators  (Audio only): Narration added

Mind Robber: (VHS) Next Week caption removed from final episode

Invasion 2,3,5,6,7,8: (VHS) Next Week caption removed from final episode, linking dialogue by Nicholas Courntney

Invasion (DVD): Missing episodes 1 and 4 have been replaced with animated versions coupled with the original soundtrack

Seeds of Death: (1st version) Released as a movie length compilation, and Next Week caption removed from final episode. Closing titles replaced by electronically generated captions.

Seeds of Death: (2nd version) Released as a movie length compilation, and Next Week caption removed from final episode. Closing titles remade using screen captures of the roll-over credits and shown in caption form.

Seeds of Death: (DVD) Episode closing credits remade using modern techniques to replace the poor quality originals. Some minor freeze frames over extant action to achieve this. See DVD page on this release.

Space Pirates (Audio only): Narration added

Spearhead From Space (1st Release) Released as a movie length compilation, and scene featuring copyright music removed from part 2

Spearhead From Space DVD:Scene featuring copyright music redubbed with factory noise.

Doctor Who and the Silurians (VHS): Colourised. Slo-mo over junction of part 3 and 4 to replace loss of colour material. Opinion is divided as to whether the Ambassadors trailer is part of the final episode. It was originally tacked onto the  transmission, but was omitted from the video release.

Doctor Who and the Silurians (DVD): Colourised. Ambassadors trailer included with episode 7

Ambassadors of Death 2-7: Colourised some episodes in parts, some as a whole. Trailer omitted from last story included.

Inferno (VHS): Non UK scene with Jon Pertwee as radio newsreader included in part 5. Included as a 'deleted' scene in the DVD release

Terror of the Autons: Colourised.

Mind of Evil: Released as B/W with colourised portion of part 6.

Daemons: Colourised. Short  screen blank spot in part 3 removed, (just after Jo says 'The end of the world!')

Day of the Daleks: (1st release) Released as a movie length compilation. Closing credits re-made on episode 4 using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists, although 'Monia' was renamed 'Monica'

The Time Monster:  Episode 6 was colourised using a black and white VT copy of the episode as a source, rather than a film recording.

The Three Doctors: Due to an error at the DVD authoring stage the final few seconds of episode 2 are repeated. The theme tune is also out of sync by a couple of seconds as a result. This fault applies to Region 2/4 disks only

Carnival of Monsters Video: Non UK release of part 2 used with alternate theme, additional scenes, and a repeated scene from part 1. Episode 4 with director Barry Letts' preferred ending included in error..

Carnival of Monsters DVD: The opening titles have been replaced with new copies sourced from the original, with screen captures of the original captions placed over them

Frontier in Space: Non UK release of part 5 with alternate theme, and extended scenes.

Planet of the Daleks 3: B/W release only

Time Warrior (1st release): Released as a movie length compilation. The opening credits were edited to remove the 'Episode 1' . The closing credits were remade in similar block-style font.

Time Warrior (DVD) Optional new visual effects added. David Daker and John J. Carney's credit omitted in error from the remade credits of episode 1

Invasion of the Dinosaurs: Episode 1 in black and white- due to lack of availability of colour version.

Death to the Daleks (1st release) : Released as a movie length compilation. The opening credits were edited to remove the 'Episode 1' . Closing credits re-made on episode 4 using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists.

Death to the Daleks (2nd release) : Doctor's line 'Myself chiefly' omitted from part 2, due to use of damaged master. Belal's first appearance also missing from same episode.

Robot (DVD): This upcoming release has had some picture grading adjustments, a video disk footage tweak, and an improvement to the Action Man Scorpion Tank material

Ark in Space (1st release) Released as a movie length compilation. The opening credits were edited to remove the 'Episode 1' . The closing credits on episode 4 were remade in similar block-style font using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists.

Ark in Space (DVD) Optional alternate version of episodes included in which the original modelwork of Nerva Beacon and shuttle has been replaced by CGI footage. Original version can still be viewed as default.

Genesis of the Daleks (DVD) Audio distortion on Davros' speeches corrected

Revenge of the Cybermen: Released as a movie length compilation. Closing credits re-made on episode 4 using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists.

Terror of the Zygons (1st release) Released as a movie length compilation. Closing credits re-made on episode 4 using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists.

Terror of the Zygons (2nd release) Pitchfork waving by Harry trimmed in part 2.

Pyramids of Mars (1st release) Released as a movie length compilation, with the following edits: -

Part One: Prior to seeing the mummy in the grounds, a brief cut removing Sarah pausing to get her bearings and breath A few moments later, the scene showing Namin finding Warlock's hat is removed.

Part Two:The end of the scene where the Doctor discovers the signal being sent from Mars. The section cut is where the Doctor talks about using the letter 'e' to help him decode. Laurence telling the Doctor about his rifle, which the Doctor dismisses.

Part Four:
Following the Doctor's comments about the Osirans spines, we lose a shot of Scarman and the Mummy and the scene whrer the Doctor uses his telescopic probe to test a false button

Closing credits re-made on episode 4 using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists.

Pyramids of Mars (2nd release) Four part version with one minor edit. After the Doctor's declines Lawrence Scarman's rifle and his line to Sarah and Scarman 'Stay here!', Sarah says 'Bring it' to Scarman before following the Doctor from the lodge.

Brain Of Morbius
(1st release) Released as a 60 minute movie with the following cut

Episode 1
1. (7 secs) Sarah asks The Doctor about what she has seen, he replys it's a space parachute, Sarah says "Pardon?"

2. (44 secs) Sarah continues up the steps and sees a landscape filled with wrecked spaceships. Sarah asks if The Doctor is coming to look, but he's more interested in doing his Double Loops with his Yo-Yo!

3. (2 mins 5 secs) Discovering the body of the Mutt, Sarah and The Doctor discuss the situation. Sarah notices a castle and they make their way to it, but it starts to rain! Inside the castle Solon is conducting experiments on a Mutt's head, when a lightning strike causes a powercut.

4. (1 min 3 secs) Maren explains about The Timelords knowing about the elixir, and warns that they are coming back to steal it!

5. (2 mins 52 secs) Maren has summoned The Tardis, The Sisterhood examine it and begin to mind search for The Doctor

6. (52 secs) Solon examines The Doctor while Sarah has a look around.

7. (15 secs) Condo and Solon walk down a corridor while Sarah runs the other way.

8. (53 secs) Last shot of Episode One into End Titles.

Episode 2
1. (57 secs) Titles and first 20 secs of reprise.

2. (16 secs) Solon rants about The Sisterhood

3. (3 mins 45 secs) Condo and Solon are on their way to The Sisterhood's shrine. The Doctor is tied up by The Sisters and prepared for sacrifice.

4. (21 secs) Solon offers Condo instead of The Doctor to be sacrificed, as he wants his head.

5. (3 mins 22 secs) Condo turns on Solon and threatens to kill him. Condo falls for the old "Return of the arm" trick and doesn't kill him. Meanwhile The Doctor and Sarah escape from The Sisterhood, but Sarah is blind, and they need Solon's help.

6. (1 min) Continuation of conversation between Solon and Morbius.

7. (32 secs) Maren explains that The Doctor must come back for his Tardis.

8.  (8 secs) Solon sits down to write a message to The Sisterhood.

9. (1 min 10 secs) Last 15 secs of the episode and closing titles.

Episode 3
1. (43 secs) Titles then first 15 secs of reprise.

2. (25 secs) Morbius rants about being in a jar and compares himself to a vegetable.

3. (3 mins 10 secs) Maren gives 5 of The Sisterhood the elixir of life. The Doctor is caught again by The Sisterhood and Condo returns to the castle.

4. (19 secs) Sarah stumbles about whilst blind.

5. (1 min 55 secs) Condo grabs Sarah by the hair and flirts with her, and takes her back to Solon. Meanwhile the Doctor explains to Maren that he can relight the sacred flame.

6.  (19 secs) The Doctor talks about change to Maren after relighting the flame.

7.  (1 min 38 secs) Sarah is tied up while Solon explains his plans.

8.  (2 min 40 secs) Mobius demands that he is made ready for the operation, Solon says it's not right, but gives in.

9. (41 secs) Sarah is forced to help Solon with the operation after shooting Condo.

10. (34 secs) Solon experiments on Morbius for any reactions.

11. (32 secs) The Sisterhood bring The Doctor back to Solon.

12. (54 secs) Last few seconds and end titles.

Episode 4
1. (39 secs) Titles then first 10 seconds of reprise.

2. (19 secs)The Doctor gets up and makes his way to the lab.

3. (1 min 34 secs) The Doctor helps Solon look for Morbius. Morbius kills one of The Sisterhood.

4. (2 mins 7 secs) The Doctor and Solon take Morbius back to the castle. Meanwhile The Sisterhood discover that Morbius is alive! Solon tells The Doctor that he will finish Morbius off.

5. (22 secs) Sarah tells The Doctor about Morbius.

6. (58 secs) Maren says that Morbius can't be alive, and agrees for The Sisterhood to go to the castle.

7. (25 secs) Poison gas is seeping into Solons lab. Sarah and The Doctor discuss how long it would take to work.

From this point to the end of the story is unedited  (JW) Closing credits re-made on episode 4 using credits from other episodes to include all appearing artists.

Seeds of Doom: The word religion in Chase's line "When it comes to money, Scorby and I are of the same religon" from part 4 squelched over.

Deadly Assassin VHS: As per original broadcast, but cliffhanger to part 3 had to be repaired from an inferior source, so is of poorer quality.

Deadly Assassin DVD: As per original broadcast, but cliffhanger to part 3 had to be repaired from an inferior source, so is of  slightly poorer quality.

Robots of Death (1st Release) Released as a movie length compilation. Electronically generated closing titles in red on opening of episode 1 and closing credits of episode  4 created to include all artists.

Talons of Weng Chiang (VHS): When 'Talons' originally came out on VHS (in a movie-length compilation of all 6 episodes), the BBFC requested a couple of cuts / alterations in order for it to be given a 'PG' certificate. This was in 1988, and the story has never been issued in unedited episodic format - although there were tentative plans for a VHS re-release a few years back.

One of the reasons this episodic re-release was shelved was the belief that the BBFC would still insist on cuts, thus rather putting the mockers on a 'complete and unedited' release. However, the BBFC have since altered their guidelines on certification, and 'Talons' has been be released episodically DVD, with no such cuts.

The original release included electronically generated closing titles in red on opening of episode 1 and closing credits of episode  6 created to include all artists.

Invisible Enemy (K-9 Tales boxset): Optional new CGI visual effects sre available on Invisible Enemy

Invasion of Time: Optional new CGI visual effects sre available. All film loaction work has been remastered and regraded

Stones of Blood (VHS): Extended scene in part 3 involving DeVries speech about Plymouth included. Tape sourced from earlier edit.

Pirate Planet (DVD) Dodgy floating spanner effect in part 4 amended

Destiny of the Daleks. Optional viewing of story with new visual effects

New Beginnings Box Set (DVD).

Keeper of Traken: Minor tweaks to fix picture movement during TARDIS de materialisation

Logopolis: Barnet by pass footage remastered. Lots of minor audio fluffs repaired

Castrovalva: Location footage re-mastered

Black Orchid: All film location inserts have been re-mastered and regraded

Five Doctors (1st Release)

1.Beginning of the first piece of Shada footage where The Doctor is talking about Newton, etc.

2.End of scene where Borusa is trying to free The Doctor from the Time Vortex followed by the beginning of the scene of Sarah running to bus stop.

3.Beginning of scene where the Dalek is chasing The Doctor and Susan.

4.The first and fifth Doctors setting up the computer scanner and first few seconds of the third Doctor and Sarah driving in the following scene.
5.The first Doctor eating after the fifth Doctor, Susan and Tegan leave the TARDIS and first couple of seconds of the third Doctor and Sarah walking in the following scene.
6.Beginning of scene where The second Doctor recites the rhyme before entering the cave with the Brigadier.

Five Doctors DVD: Re-edited release with additional scenes, different takes, and better effects.

Five Doctors (2 Disk redux edition): Both versions have been completely re-mastered. This includes all the film location material from the original shoot

Resurrection of the Daleks: 4 part version used (original UK broadcast was made a 2 parter to accommodate the Winter Olympics in 1984)

Resurrection of the Daleks (DVD): 4 part version used. New opening titles sourced form original masters. Dolby 5.1 audio remix available as well original mono soundtrack.

Caves of Androzani DVD: Alternate re-make of unsatisfactory visual effect of planet horizon in part 1 included as standard with ability to view original as extra.

Vengeance on Varos: Illegal video levels amended. (Don't ask, I have no idea)

Timelash: (DVD) Some repairs have been made to hide master tape damage

Revelation of the Daleks: A scene featuring the DJ in which some copyright music was used, was re-dubbed using library music, as the original Jimi Hendrix track was unclearable.

Time and the Rani: Episode 4 was originally broadcast with a earlier version of the McCoy title sequence in error. This was corrected for the video release.

Remembrance of the Daleks DVD (Region 2): Copyright music replaced in two scenes, due to clearance issues. Some scenes were amended with better source material, however two scenes were each minus a visual effect, and hence included in error. The Dalek 'zap' is missing from the killing of the soldier in part 1 and there is a wisp of smoke from Dalek casing missing in the aftermath of the Ace's attack on it with the rocket launcher at the top of part 3.

Remembrance of the Daleks DVD (Region 2) (Version 2 released with Davros box set)): Small section of dialogue missing from 5.1 soundtrack.

Ghost Light: Katharine Schlesinger's name is mis-spelt on the credits of episode 1 and 2 as 'Katherine'. This was corrected for the VHS and DVD release

Curse of Fenric (VHS): Extended scenes included

Curse of Fenric (DVD): New movie length version produced including additional scenes, effects, subtitles and new music score. this version released with original broadcast version in 2 disk set

Battlefield VHS:  Extended/deleted scenes included in the VHS release.

Battlefield DVD: An entirely new movie length version of Battlefield has been included in the 2008 DVD release along with the original 4 part version. This new version boasts a 5.1 sound mix, revised special effects plus the inclusion of deleted and extended scenes.

Silver Nemesis: Extended scenes included

Survival (DVD): Picture grading tweaks, and some of the vis effects have been improved using original footage. 5.1 audio mix included

Doctor Who: The Movie:

This is an exception to the rule. Previous stories were released on video after their original UK transmission. This story was broadcast in the US AND released on video before the UK transmission, which was edited for content. In this case we will consider the US release to be the 'master' with no pun intended.

The UK video release was as per the original UK broadcast - this was missing the 'Based on the BBC Television Series' caption (cut so as not to confuse British audiences), several sequences from the gun battle (cut to keep the rating down to a 12, which it needed to be for the broadcast slot decided upon), and a short section of the operating table scene, showing the seventh Doctor screaming (cut because the BBC management thought it was rather silly). In addition, this version had the fades to black (placed in for commercial television to insert ad breaks) replaced with mixes.

When the story was repeated in the UK for November 1999's Doctor Who Night, it was complete (including the fades to black) except for the 'Based on the BBC Television Series' caption. Although the DVD release was struck from a new conversion, it followed the same rules.

The only commercial releases including the elusive caption were released by CiC video in Australia and Sweden

The Curse of Fatal Death: Released as 2 part version: Rowan Atkinson specific titles on part 1.

Thanks to Steve Boyce for suggesting this FAQ, and thanks to all the contributors who have suggested amendments by EMAIL.

Thanks to David Carmichael, Richard Molesworth, Steve Roberts, Marc Williams, Simon Simmons, Adam McGechan, Ian Pritchard, Ralph Rose, Steve Jones, Tim Roll-Pickering, Grant Sirone, Jeremy Williams, Rian Kenn and Matt Dale for their input. If I've left you out please email me.

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