About Reason 3.0:

You DON'T need a crack for Reason 3.0, you need the 3CDs only and the (3.0.4-or-latest-if-out) Update OR the Update Setup file only + The 3.0 Factory Sound Bank.rfl + 3.0 Orkester.rfl BOTH placed in the program's folder.

But how to obtain them? Why not try a torrent site or a p2p program such as eMule. Try avoiding those fake files on eMule and other p2p programs. On torrent usually there are no fakes.

CheckSum_Bad's Propellerhead Reason 2.5 FAQ and downloads

Question...: Can you help me with something about the Mac version?
Answer.....: No! You shouldn't have bought that Mac! Upgrade to x86 OR BUY your software! Macs are like this: you pay more but you get less bugs.
Question...: What do I need to run the program?
Answer.....: The Retail setup package (~50MB) (2.5 Update package will work too), [Factory Sound Bank.rfl] (~500MB+) and the crack. The demo version is unusable.
Question...: The "Reason resource package missing the file 'Reason.rpcp', please reinstall application." error message appears, what should I do?
Answer.....: Reinstall the application. Why so many of you get this error?!? Maybe your MSI (WinNT4,2K/Win9x) is out of date.
Question...: The "...the operation could not be completed because of...error." message.
Answer.....: There's something wrong with Reason's files. This error message also appears when you try to use the 2.5 crack with Reason ver 2.0. You would need to install the 2.5 upgrade first.
Question...: What to do when Reason asks for the Factory Sound Bank CD3 after entering the serial and quits if you press Quit?
Answer.....: This problem is caused by missing/corrupt/fake [Factory Sound Bank.rfl] file. If you leeched it from p2p (KaZaa, eDonkey, etc.) it's highly probable that it is a fake or corrupt one! The correct ed2k links (that worked for me) are:
CRC-32: 8BF205C7 (ver. 2.0/2.5)
CRC-32: 96F3A99B
Question...: What is ed2k?
Answer.....: It's a p2p thing (smart file sharing over internet). See emule-project.net to get the p2p client.
Question...: How can I verify if I have the right Factory Sound Bank.rfl ?
Answer.....: Use Total Commander or CDCheck or something to generate a CRC-32 of your .rfl files and compare them to the above. The Factory Sound Bank.rfl from Reason 1.0/1.0.1 CRC-32 is E8DD75B3
Question...: Can Reason work without [Factory Sound Bank.rfl] ?
Answer.....: No, it can not. You have to put some version of it in Reason's folder (where Reason.exe is located). And by some version I mean ver 1.0/1.0.1 or 2.0/2.5 [Factory Sound Bank.rfl] !!!
Question...: Can Reason 2.x work without Orkester.rfl ?
Answer.....: Yes, if you use CooleR's cracks or CheckSum_Bad's CD emulation cheat.
Question...: How can I burn Reason to CD ?
Answer.....: What matters is to put [Factory Sound Bank.rfl] in the root folder of the CD and label it [Sound Bank].
Question...: Reason doesn't want to open/work with my real/not-fake [Factory Sound Bank.rfl], why?
Answer.....: Check if you have the REX Shared Library.dll in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM(32) folder! If it ain't there, try getting one from Propellerhead's website (it's available as an update), or get the one below.
Question...: Where can I get ReWire.dll and REX Shared Library.dll from?
Answer.....: Right here:
Question...: Will Reason work if I just copy it (as it's installed) to another installed Windows?
Answer.....: Yes, IF you copy ReWire.dll and REX Shared Library.dll over to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM(32) folder of that other installed Windows. Also you'll need to merge this .reg:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Propellerhead Software\ReWire\Reason]
"Device Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Propellerhead\\Reason\\Reason Engine.dll"

Replace the Path with the correct in your case. Mind that "\" goes double -> "\\"
Question...: What does "Propellerhead.Reason.v2.5.No.CD.Cracked.EXE.by.CooleR" do?
Answer.....: It makes Reason work without the CDs but you still need [Factory Sound Bank.rfl]
Question...: Who actually cracked Reason?
Answer.....: CooleR did the cracking, I did everything else, including research and this FAQ.
Question...: Why is the cracked EXE larger than the protected?
Answer.....: Because the protected is compressed/packed/encrypted and the cracked one ain't.
Question...: Why are you giving us the cracked EXE, couldn't you make a patcher or somethin' ?
Answer.....: The original EXE is pretty damn encrypted. It is harder to make a decrypter+patcher or a loader.
Question...: How do I apply the crack?

1. Copy the files Reason.exe (overwrite), AIFFLib.dll, AudioCardLib.dll & WAVELIb.dll
to Reason's folder (usually something like C:\Program Files\Propellerhead\Reason)

2. Start Reason.exe and when it asks you for Factory Sound Bank & Orkester just click Quit
(it will continue, don't worry UNLESS you don't have a valid Factory Sound Bank.rfl).

3. For serial enter rsn250-0009-101923-b4n8-uhby-ap6x or use a Keygen (or use your legal serial maybe)

4. Now that the configs are initialized you can even switch back and use the original encrypted EXE file.

Question...: What are these IFFLib.dll, AudioCardLib.dll & WAVELIb.dll DLLs for? Where did they come from?
Answer.....: They were inside the encrypted Reason.exe. Now it is decrypted so they can't stay in there. They are used by the program.

ReWire & REX.txt:

updated on 2004.12.16 by CheckSum_Bad

	Read this text file if you use audio software.

Many programs, for Example - ReBirth RB-338 (ver. 2.x) support the ReWire protocol to connect to ReWire host apps like Reason or Cubase (Cubase v5.1 or later) to stream and control audio data. The ReWire engine file that allows this is ReWire.dll.

Some programs (Reason, Cubase...) that work with the .rex/rx2 file format use the REX Shared Library.dll (which was formerly called just Rex.dll). You must make sure you have the latest version of that .DLL properly installed.

- Ableton Live
- Arturia Storm
- Bitheadz Inc. Retro AS-1, Unity DS-1
- Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 or higher, Project 5
- Cycling '74 MAX/MSP
- Digidesign Pro Tools 6.1
- Emagic Logic Audio 6.0 (Mac OS), 4.7.3 - 5 (Windows & Mac OS 9), Platinum 6.1 with Digidesign Protools TDM and ESB (Mac OS), Platinum 5.0 with Digidesign Protools TDM and ESB
- Mark Of The Unicorn Digital Performer 4, 2.7 and 3.x
- Opcode Systems Inc. Vision DSP, Studio Vision
- Propellerhead Software Reason, ReBirth RB-338 v2.x
- Raw Material Software Tracktion 1.2
- Refuse Software reFuse
- Sonic Foundry Acid 4.0
- Steinberg Cubase SX, SL, VST 5.1 (PC & Mac), VST 4.1r2 (Mac), VST 3.7 (PC), Nuendo 1.5 and later
- Synapse Audio Software Orion
...and others...

Most of these programs have a version of ReWire.dll (and/or the Rex one) and when you install the program the DLL file is installed too. The problem is that some installers (like ReBirth's) do not install ReWire.dll correctly. To avoid problems of the sort like your programs not working at all, do what this text says.

If you want to install two or more of those programs, check out the release dates or the file dates to install them in chronological order so that the newer program, when installed, would replace the shared file with it�s newer, better & working version.

Example: Install ReBirth RB-338 v2.01, then Reason 2.5, then Cubase SX 2.0 or 3.0.

Then do this:

(Before you do the following, you must make sure you have "Show hidden files and folders" turned ON and "Hide file extensions..." and "Hide protected..." turned OFF (Folder Options window))

Open a Search windows and type in [rewire,rex] to find all files with similar names. In "Look in" select your hard drive (here's an example of how to select more than one partition/folder to look in: [C:\;D:\;E:\Program Files]). Mind that you have to point the Windows folder and the Program Files (and similar) folders to be searched. Some files will be found. Check out all [ReWire.dll], [REX.dll] & [REX Shared Library.dll] files. They would probably be found in these or similar folders:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase
C:\Program Files\Prpellerhead\ReCycle
The only folder they should be in is ..\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (..\WINDOWS\SYSTEM for Win98,Me). So you will have to leave only one copy of each file in the SYSTEM32 folder

I haven't truly tested this but try to leave only the latest REX Shared Library.dll, removing Rex.dll. [REX Shared Library.dll] is the actual name, the REX.dll is obsolete. If this fails, leave the latest REX Shared Library.dll and the latest REX.dll.

Sort the files by name in the Search window. Right click on each found file to check out its version. Find out which are the newest versions and copy them in the SYSTEM32 folder if they are not already there. Rename all that remain (older ones, situated in different folders like just \WINDOWS, or \Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase) from .dll to .dll-backup to disable them. This way you will be able to rename them back if a program doesn't work properly. If something doesn't work copy the [REX Shared Library.dll] az just REX.dll into the SYSTEM32 folder. If something is still messed up - copy the newest REX.dll file to the SYSTEM32 folder.

OK, that's it. Now test your apps and test if they work with ReWire, then try loading some REX Loops and such to be sure that all is OK.

This ReWire.dll and [REX Shared Library.dll] tutorial by CheckSum_Bad

Rewrite, add information and redistribute this text freely!!!


� CheckSum_Bad 1

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