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Chita Rivera

Well, somebody had to do it, and I decided it was going to be me. This is only the very humble beginnings of a webpage on the legendary Broadway singer/dancer/actress Chita Rivera, who starred in such plays as "Kiss of the Spider Woman", "Chicago", and many many others. Her career of 45 years on Broadway is unparalleled, and I thought it only fitting that an honest tribute be put out on the World Wide Web to her great talent.

12/26 InTheatre Magazine Interview Now Up

(Thanks again to Richard Connema for the info and the magazine...)

Chita had a two-page interview with some pictures in this week's [cover date December 26] InTheatre magazine. Here is a transcript. Two pictures from the article will be scanned as time permits.

Chita on Tour

Rivera is currently on tour, honing a Broadway one-woman singing and dancing show called "Chita Rivera: All That Jazz" ... The show is going well, but it still seems to need quite a bit of work in getting a direction, most are saying.

As of December 31, Playbill Online reports that Chita and All That Jazz is a possible for this season still, but the report on the specific article, linked below, says that that may depend on finding the right theatre.

And here's an article from Playbill Online about the tour, which includes the cities, at present, where the tour is going to visit as of now. The file was just updated for Stamford, though no new news was apparent.

Reviews wanted!! If you went to see the show, tell me about it -- e-mail me and I'll put it on this site...

This week -- Stamford, CT...

Stamford, CT's Palace hosts the tour this week. Not much info I can find... Anyone that can help, most welcome to try...


The Merriam Theatre in Philadelphia hosts the Chita tour this week [site is an article in Philadelphia Online] -- I was planning on going, and still might, but there still is general sense of that the show is just not ready yet [and neither is her main birthday present -- this website!] -- and I feel the only justice Chita deserves is to see this when it's ready. If you read the article, you will find that Chita feels the same way -- but they might work on it more after the final three stops... I still might make it to Philadelphia, but...


Chita just completed a stop in Wilmington, Delaware January 2, through the 11th -- as of the moment, only seven stops are listed, of which this is the fourth, but it would not surprise me to see more added.

Finally found a review of her stop in Wilmington while looking for Philadelphia stuff.

Previous tour stops

So as not to crowd the page, I've decided to start a small reorganization, and I'm starting with the previous stops on Chita's tour -- including all the stuff I could get from her opening stop in San Francisco, including a fan's review and several other comments regarding a lot of work that the show needed to have done for it.

I know of no websites for her stop in Palm Desert, California, after that, so if anyone saw the show there, or if anyone knows of any websites, e-mail me!!!

And here's some stuff from her stop in Fort Lauderdale, recently completed.

So why a page for Chita?

That said, here's a rationale for the homepage statement. (I warn you, it is slightly politically incorrect *grumbles about having to say that, but in the day and age where looking at an attractively sexy woman like Chita in the wrong way can get you into trouble...*, but it's honest.)

Biographical information

For now, this is going to be sketchy, but I hope to flesh it out with a lot of pictures soon...

NEW! I found this biographical page from AltaVista to give you some info about Chita until I can get a bio together of my own...

Here's a complete article in Current Biography 1984 on Chita. The link is from WilsonWeb, where you can search for things from the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature and to Current Biography.

I'm also compiling a page of as many awards as Chita has won that I can find. Any additions would be most welcome.

Here's a list of 3 movies that Chita was in... I've found "Pippin" in a store, and I just purchased "Sweet Charity" -- her dance sequences therein are electric!!! Thanks to Richard for the information.

Chita on television

Chita will appear on a February, 1998 Great Performances in performance, as she's taped a medley from West Side Story in honor of the brand new New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark -- I've seen the facility from the outside, and it is beautiful. The show is scheduled to start airing February 13.

More Chita stuff

Here's an interview Chita did for the Tony Awards' website. She presented for the 1997 Tony Awards, and, as the picture on that page (which is the same as the one above on my page) implies (and some have told me), she could pass for a 30 year-old Rockette!

And I just spotted a (text-only) 1995 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle from when Chita was in that area playing in "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

From my friends at Talkin' Broadway: V.J. posts a weekly "What's New on the Rialto column. Here is a post made just before Chita's tour started, and then V.J. later saw the show, and here are his comments.

And some miscellaneous quips, quotes, and anything else I have scoured for and not found.

To come on this page...

Pictures, more bio, tour reviews galore [don't be afraid to send some in] -- basically, anything I can scrounge off the WWW.

Any suggestions can be gladly sent to ****@***** . Although this won't be the end point of the building of this page, I do hope that by the middle of January, it is worthy to be presented to Chita as a small token of a 65th birthday present. (Heck, we can exchange birthday greetings -- her birthday is one day after mine!)

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