Deep Thawt

Well that is all for now, talking about myself is *not* my favourite subject,
but it is possible that i might update this page someday and tell you more about my family.

I'll leave you now, with these parting words of Wisdom:

Think, and survive.


The pictures on the left is a few years old, but it looks better than the awful photo from my Drivers Licence (on the right)   :)

My Name is David, and I am a Canadian citizen living in Hamburg Germany.
It is very nice in Hamburg, much Like Vancouver British Columbia on the West Coast of Canada (which is where I come from).

I am employed as the Director of Research and Development at a Satellite Communication Company.

20+ Years of computer, software and hardware experience really help when you have to manage 8 different types of UNIX and DOS Operating systems and a Wide Area network spanning 3 countries.

I'm really in pretty good health, but i'm not very active (so i am a little round).

Sometimes I get away from the computer long enough to go out and tour some of the beautiful sites here in 'Schlesweg Holstein'. Cycling is *great* here in northern Germany because the terrain is relatively flat and there are bicycle paths almost everywhere, even in the country, but NOT on the Autobahn.

What else can I tell you about myself?

Things that I think are important:

  • Truth (honesty, integrity)
  • Logic (aesthetics, purity)
  • Beauty (elegance, style, physical, mental and spiritual)

    Things that I think are repugnant:

    • Lying (deception)
    • Inefficiency (poor design)
    • Incompetency
    • Bloated operating systems
    • Irresponsible Committees

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