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Invester Status

A number of people have decided to use our program to obtain Permanent Resident Investor status as a method of obtaining a legal status here in Costa Rica.

Article 70 is part of an existing law (Forestry Law 7575). Investing $100,000 in reforestation qualifies an individual, their spouse and children under 18 to immediate residency.

Pre-approved: This means that the project itself has been pre-approved by the Government as an appropriate vehicle for obtaining "Resident Investor Status". Upon receipt of the proper documentation and full payment the client is assured they will receive their residency status. The client does not have to wait to see if the investment needs Government approved.

The applicant is not restricted to working only in the field the investment was made in, as is the case in many "Resident Investor Status". The applicant can work in any type of endeavors in Costa Rica. The only exception would be where there are licenses required. An example would be a Doctor would have to obtain a license to practice medicine.

As a permanent resident, you don�t need to worry about remaining in the country. Your only obligation as a permanent resident is to visit Costa Rica at least once a year.



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