Leaving is hard?c especially when you have so much stuff.


For more information on any item, please email me at ****@*****. Everything must go by March 30th!

Rice cooker, 3 servings

Price: 1,500 yen

Available: NOW

Izumi blender, bought new from Yodobashi in September 2007, and never used! Still in box in mint condition. Retail price: 1,980 yen.

Blender, unused

Price: 500 yen

Available: NOW

This toaster oven was bought used, and it is certainly old. It still works well, though, warranting resale. Paid: 1,000 yen.

Toaster oven

Price: 15,000 yen

Available: NOW

Sanyo refrigerator, bought in July 2007. The refrigerator is black and has 137L capacity. Still in excellent condition with all included shelves and ice cube trays. Retail price: 39,800.

Refrigerator, 137L


Iron and ironing board


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