We are losing our host for our website shortly.Yahoo is no longer offering free websites.I have created a new website at:


�������������������� http://s1.webstarts.com/greatbrook/


This new host does not give us as much space as Yahoo did. So as you surf the new site, you may notice that you leave the host sight when you go to Clubhouse Activities and Meetings (the calendar) and Condo Documents.To return to the host website use the blue back arrow of your browser.Our calendar is now being hosted by Google and our Condo Documents are on Microsoft Live.


You will not need to do anything special to view the calendar.Just double-click on Clubhouse Activities & Meetings link on the homepage and you should go right to the calendar.


To access the Condo Documents double-click on Condo Documents on the homepage, you will go to the Windows Live sign-in page.On the right side of the screen, click on the little man icon with ****@*****.�� If asked:


�������������� the user ID is ****@*****

��������� the password is greatbrook.


This will bring you to Microsoft Office Live Workspace.You should see eight (8) documents listed.


1       Declaration of Trust

2       Master Deed

3       Exhibit A of the Master Deed

4       Exhibit A-1 of the Master Deed

5       Exhibit B of the Master Deed

6       Exhibit C of the Master Deed

7       Certification of Trustees

8       Insurance Policy


The last two documents are outdated.I have request Doreen to forward the latest versions to me and I will upload them.You can double click on any of these documents.You may need to wait a few minutes for the larger ones to load.You can then read them or save them to your own computer.Then print them.


Please addhttp://s1.webstarts.com/greatbrook/ to your Favorites.I will no longer be updating the Yahoo site.If you have any questions,my email address is ****@*****.



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