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September 21

Hey, I am sorry, but I won't be updating much info for a week or so, thats because I am working on another site...It'll be good

September 18

Good news! the anime women shrine now has Sailor Moon up! check it out! and do me a favor, and click on the Topsites below, thanks

September 17

Not a lotta new news, im trying my hardest to get hosted...Anyone need a hostee? Email: ****@*****

September 11

Got new colours...I know I'm always changing, but Like I say, It's always getting better, and it keeps em comming back, oh ya, I am changing all pages, so It'll look messy for a couple days, but I have Dragon Ball Page up, check it out, looks WAY cleaner and better

September 6

Ok now....I hate the new banner I got...too many pictures in it, I also hate the Shrines pages...I like the info, but the Layout sucks chumks...I will be thinking of ways to make it better

Got a new Banner...man this is like my 20th!

September 4

Hey, I am putting up pages still, so Bookmark me, and please please vote for me, the more hits i get, the for I will feel like updating.  Also, I have finally found a layout I like, expect this for a long time, but I will be making minor adjustments.

September 1

Well I got school in 4 days, bah!  Anyway I added Sigma into the MegaMan shrine, I just gotta keep the Villains comming!

A sailor moon banner is up the the SM page, check it out ya horney pigs :), Transformers is up too

August 30

Ok I am hard at work on the Anime Women Shrine, look for Bulma, Auska, Rei, Sailor moon and the Sailor Scouts, that chick from Spawn, and Aries and Tifa from FF.  Oh yah, look for a Final Fantasy page to be up soon

August 29

Hey, The G boy is back (hehehe), anyway, I added MegaTron (the original) into the Transformers page.  Look for Duo in the MegaMan page be up soon

August 28

Hey, I finally have a page I like now, I got rid of the frames because...well I don't like them.  Next I will be added the bar the left on all the shrines.  All you anime fans will like my new shrine being put up...Anime Women! A shrine where all your favourite anime women will be.  I will also be making a Monkey shrine...cuz monkey's rock ass! and a Gregy cooks page, where I put up my  receipts, like Hot Dog surprise (you'll find out what the surprise is later).  I'm not a good cook, or a COOK for that matter, but I wanna feel like one, :)

I added another villain in the Sailor Moon Shrine and Eva page now has a banner like the db page, look for each page to have its own banner, thatll be soon






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