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The first part of this story is A father's love. The new Version of the Cassadine family have found out a way to live with each other. Now they must learn to prove to the world that they are not connected to their dark past. Can they do? Read on and find out. You will find everyone in this story and find a lot of surpises in every chapter. Enjoy! Updated Oct. 26th
Luke leaves town and his father comes back taking Lucky from the people that love him. Only Luke can save his son! Can he or will Lorenzo finally destory the only true and honest thing in Luke's live next to Laura and Lu? This story like a few others on this page is email only. Please if you want it Email me and I'll be glad to send it to you..
Mikkos is alive and comes back to set things right with is family. Even his long lost son Luke! Luke not only has to deal with being in prison for murdering Damion but now he has to face being the son of the man that he hates on this entire planet. Can he do it? Can the others in Luke's life deal with this news? Read the story and watch as everyone deals with dark secrets and hidden truths....
Old Friends/New Twists
Laura dies in a fire that took the life of Lucky's twin sister Liz as well. Luke is forced to raise Lucky on his own. Some people in Luke's life think that he isn't fit to raise Lucky. They try to take Lucky from him. Luke ends up leaving town and doesn't come back until years later. When Ruby becomes ill! He arrives with his niece Carly at his side. Together the three of them find trouble. Read and find out what happens! Old Freinds is an off side link. If you look you might find Faces of Deception there as well. Sorry fokes but these two stories were lost in a computer crash. Because of space reasons I am not down loading them back into my computer.
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Rebuilding a Family!
Lucky never made it in Port Charles in this story. Luke and Laura have spent two years looking for him. When they learn he is they go after him. They find out that Lucky changed a great deal but so they did. Can they rebuild a family after all this time? I don't know but it is going to be fun to finding out. (Oh, don't worry Cassadines are in this as well and so are the other. Plus a new twist for Zander's character. (Updated 02/16/02)
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Frank's Request
Frank Smith asks Luke to do him a favor. If Luke's fails he will never see his son again. If he does what Frank wants then Luke will end up killing one of his oldest and dearest friends. What will Luke do? Read on and find out... Until time allows it this story will be Email only.. Please if you want to read it. Email me and I'll be glad to send it to you.. sorry for the wait but I no longer have as much time as I thought to post all my stories.
Affairs of the Heart
The Spencer/Cassadine family is back home. You would think life would have calmed down since they learened to beome a family but trouble is brewing in Port Charles that threatens to rip them a part. Read on as Luke fights himself and his past. Carly fights to regain something that was taken from her. The question is how far will she go to get it back! Stefan finds being a father and running a company isn't as easy as he first thought. For Victor all he worries about at first is growning old then slowly things get worse and he ends up fighting to save his future.  As for the teens, they end up reliving their parents past. The big question is will they make the same mistakes or new ones! Oct. 26

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