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Interesting Stuff...
So These are my Friends:
Phu Well, I met Phu freshman year of college. She lived in my dorm at UCI. We had many adventures together during freshman year. Click her name to read some of the stories. Anyways, Phu is my little friend, literally. She goes to UCI where she is almost done with her phsyc. major. She is one of the most kind and caring people I have ever met. She enjoys clubbing and shopping, however the lack of available clothes and shoes in her size makes shopping a very long and laborious task. 
Paul Paul is another one of my friends from the dorms at UCI. He has had quite the experience at UCI. He came in as a bio major, but was smart enough to get out of that before too long. He then went into Humanities or something, then somewhere else. Lets just say he has had more majors then I can count. But anyways, he finally ended up as a studio arts major (all of his friends were telling him this should be his major all along, but he does not listen to his friends often so....) In any event that's where he is now. He is like the most talented guy I know. He does like awesome sketches and stuff. You can see some of his stuff by going to my links page and going to his page from there. The story I choose for Paul is about his car. It's amusing to say the least, the kind of things that would only happen to Paul.
Lillian  Lillian was my date for the junior prom back in high school (BHS Barstow High School). She is simply amazing. She just graduated with a degree in music. She is an opera vocalist. She sings soprano, as if there was anything else. She has been singing as far back as I can remember and it really shows. I heard her at her senior recital and was in awe. She has been to Italy to sing and is really doing well for herself. You can check out her page on my links page also.
Kathleen Kathleen is a dance major at UCI. She lived in my dorm freshman year with Phu and Paul and many of my other friends. She lives to dance. She is really good too. She mostly does ballet, but has the bumps and bruises to prove she has done some modern as well. She is very prim and proper (you should see her drive, hilarious just plain hilarious). She fancies herself from Bakersfeild, but all of her friends know that she is an Oildale girl at heart.
Monika Ok so bonus points if you can say her last name! Monika I met last year through Phu. Monika is very involved with environmental conservation and fighting against discrimination and social inequalities. She lead the UCI CalPirg group (a nation wide group) for a year and that's how she met Phu, who was volunteering at the time. She graduated this past June with a degree in Criminology. She is very politically active and opinionated. We have had some good times together. We have very similar senses of humor and it just works out well.
Olympia  Olympia, besides having a cool name, is yet another friend from the dorms (fftd). She is a math major which means she is a little strange, but really bright. We have worked together for two summers at UCI, both times a total blast, and we hang out a lot during the year. She is involved with lots of clubs and stuff at UCI and enjoys basketball.
Mathew Dos Santos So this is probably the smartest guy that I know. He graduated last year and is going to law school even though he could have gone into med. He is a complex character to say the least, but we get along well.
Mara Mara is from my freshman dorm. She is a cool english major at UCI. She just got back from Europe (must be nice, better have got me something) 
Musette Musette is very very quiet. She is also a pyro which makes for an alarming character.
Hiep Hiep is probably the laziest guy I know. He prides himself on this. His motto "Nothing to do, sleep...Can't sleep, then eat." and he actually follows this as closely as is humanly possible
Alketah Cool Mentor from a summer program I did. Wow can this girl get down.
Stephanie Ok so Steph is another mentor. She has really cool hair. I will have a pic up soon. She is always cheerful and helpful, an all around great person.
Wendy Yes the mentor crew is still in effect. Wendy is quite friendly and very artistic. Also she knows who the Hawaiian Superman is!!!
Anabel Anabel is another of those quite types. So when she says more I will write more, but for now she is quiet and helpful and really bright.
Heather So Heather is one of my "little ones" from a summer program that I worked at. She is cool and smart and keeps her bitch, and you know who you are, in check!
Friends from CAMP: As I learn more about you, you will get your own spot. But, for now you get listed. Mike, Josh, Lauren, Jerry, Jorge, Ashley, Curtis, Ryan, Nikki, Richard, Perlin, Christina, Diana (both of um), Alex, Eric, Chris, Jeremy, Johnathan, Jose, Monica, Veronica, Maria, Mavel. (by the way if I haven't heard form you since CAMP thats why you are not here!)

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