Well this is my interesting little story about Phu. I met Phu freshman year and WOW what exciting adventures we had. The first of what would be many interesting road trips with Phu was to Fry's Electronics in Fountain Valley. So it is not more then 15 minutes from our school and we get there just fine. We are there for a while and when we leave it is rush hour. So we head back on the freeway. I fall asleep in the car, I do this a lot. Anyhow I wake up at what would end up being about an hour and a half later in RIVERSIDE! Now how she got all the way there no one knows but that was the longest 15 minute trip back to UCI of my life. Very funny though. I have  other tales of riding adventures with Phu, from exciting U-turns to the conspicuous glare of headlights in my eyes as we head down one way streets, going the wrong way. Anyways those stories will come in time.

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