Edward Van Halen
Edward Van Halen was a huge influence on Rock Guitar to most everybody, especially during the 1980s. A lot of people have reffered to him as a "fast" Eric Clapton (who's nickname is "Slowhands.") However, Eddie Van Halen is a lot more than that. First off, Eddie Van Halen popularized the technique called finger tapping, an example of which can be seen in the picutre to the left and in the far right image in the Edward Van Halen banner at the top of this page. To hear an example of finger tapping, look no further to the Van Halen instrumental titled "Eruption." That technique is out of this world. The second technique that Edward Van Halen is most famous for is for his use of a whammy bar. Before him, the only artist to even touch on the use of a whammy bar was Jimi Hendrix. However, at the time, use of the bar was limited because it wasn't built for heavy-duty abuse. It would also constantly bring the guitar out of tune. However, there was a man named Floyd Rose who developed (along with Edward's help) a Tremelo (the musical term for a whammy system) system that would stay in tune. Edward endorsed the new "Original Floyd Rose Tremelo" and he, along with many other guitarists have been using them ever since.

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