History of A Simple Blades of Exile Page

11-14-01Removed the oit mirror of ASBOEP. Added a link to Drizzt's Scenario Resource Page to Scenario Creation. Removed the Scenario Rubric text file (his site has version 2 of the rubric). Merged Utility Scenarios into the Scenario Creation page (sure is long) and simplified the directory structure.
11-06-01Compiled the Users Questions Answered pages at Spiderweb Software's site into one text file - added it to the Scenario Creation - Spiderweb Software resources section.
11-02-01Mirrored ASBOEP to Yahoo! Geocities - us.geocities.com/skyle_jc/Index.htm - because I will soon be leaving OIT. Verified and updated links, merged Ideas for scenarios into the Scenario Creation page, added two text files (alchemy balancing and Brett Bixler's Scenario Rubric), minor updates of various files.
10-29-01Well, not the final update. Updated links and removed dead ones.
07-26-01Updated the BOE Playing Guide (3 year anniversary) and uploaded it to the mirror at the college site snoopy.oit.edu/~clarkj/ASBOEP/Index.htm. Xoom/NBCi.com no longer allowed its members to update their pages and soon stopped hosting them.
05-25-01Final update - removed dead links, converted the playing guide to Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
12-12-00Duh, corrected the index page (there had been a slight update in October). Just realized that Spiderweb is making a new rpg engine (as of 7/20/00) - Yeah!
10-05-00Removed the Scenarios Page (now the page is just links to scenario pages). Verified and corrected links.
01-15-00Mainly added navigational aids (pages with a similar links bar, upper left locators). Decluttered the main page by placing most of that information on the Scenario Creation page. Minor additions and updates.
10-26-99Minor update to the Tactics for the BOE Player, corrected an IRC server on Community page, minor additions to Scenario Firsts text page. Slow week.
10-19-99Added the Regenerating monster special node sequence (submitted by Drizzt), a list of 500 names by Aceron, and some links to the Sources of Ideas Page (removed the recommended books portion).
10-12-99Reformatted the Site Map page and added a few links to the Community page. Boring really.
10-05-99Added some files - A Walkthrough for Basic Scenario Creation, First 50 articles, and 1000 names text file. Made a host of minor changes, link verifications, main Index page tweaks (like the Page of the Week banner). Split the Scenarios page into two pages - Scenarios and Utility scenarios.
09-27-99Added a Scenario firsts text file under Helpful text files. Added the Special node sequence Water. Merged My Scenarios Page into the main Index page to have one page convenience to aid in scenario development (also I wanted the main page to be a larger file than the History page).
09-22-99Added two text files with special node examples - Angry Bob and placing a monster (in this case a Basilisk).
09-20-99Shifted scenario design links from the main index page to My Scenarios page - it is a more appropriate place for them. Moved the Second Scenario Design Contest link to the main index page.
09-16-99Updated the mailing list info on the Community page and added a link to the All Exile Games webring. Expanded on the roles of the members in Skyle's party (for party development). Removed the Beta testing page - the info is split between My scenarios page and a text file.
08-20-99Added a page with info on my scenarios and scenario ideas I have. Fixed the the links to the Tactics for the Player files. In Quick Links added links to Sean Rea's scenarios page and General Wesc's The Pit of Exile page.
08-18-99Added Motrax's Graphics Archives link to Quick links.
08-01-99Added listbot links to the Mailing Lists section of the Community page.
07-20-99Added a Beta testing page complete with a checklist. Uploaded an updated Tactics for the Player. Made minor updates to most of the pages - Community, Scenarios, Skyle's 5 PC party (added a mod 2 party).
06-23-99Added scenario creation links to the Quick Links section by moving the Monster arena info to the Community page. Added to the Grid.txt file. Added more stuff to the Workshop area. Removed the Site Inspector Award as a recent validation didn't make their standards (for popularity mainly).
06-03-99Just a series of minor tweaks to most of the pages. Fixed some links on the Community page. Removed the Dervish Challenge Page - its ideas will appear in other formats.
05-01-99Even longer than the last time. I moved the page to Xoom - members.xoom.com/Skyle/Blades/Index.htm - as Kfalls.net deleted my account. Added a reference file for Special Nodes. Updated links to Zaloopa's pages since he has moved to dencity.com. Made many updates to the Scenarios page.
03-18-99It's been a long dry spell here. Based on Aceron's post, I updated all URI links to Xoom pages by adding _XMCM/ before the htm page. Hopefully Xoom won't change these addresses.
02-12-99Added the Exile club link to the Index page and added recommended books (from a series of message board posts) to the Sources of Ideas page.
01-28-99Minor tweaks on all of the pages, especially the Scenarios and Skyle's 5 PC party pages (the party development page is smaller using Preformatted text).
01-22-99Corrected errors on the Community page. Added some more links to the Sources of Ideas page. On the Index page, removed ShadowFollower's monster arena link (3 months with no updating) and simplified the e-mail link (both Netscape and some MSIE browsers didn't like the sword's Courier New formatting).
01-12-99Added two support pages - a text file of grid lines (for making a rough map of towns and outdoors before using the scenario editor) and a Sources of Ideas Page for BOE Scenarios. Updated The Dervish Challenge Page.
01-08-99Posted The Dervish Challenge Page - based on Drizzt's idea of a scenario with the nastiest dungeons the BOE community can conceive. Posted an updated Tactics for the Player. Added an Exile 2 and an Exile 3 log file to the Community page. Found a cool spearbar, so I've replaced the <HR>s with it. A little more optimizing, now using Headers <Hx>s.
01-05-99I had created a page with some details of my 5 PC human party lead by Skyle and sent it to Ithron for his website. Since party development is important to me, I decided to post it on my site also. Moved The Nexus scenario to the Utilities section on the Scenarios page.
01-03-99Uploaded the proposed Dervish Challenge HLPM and portal town.
12-28-98Removed the Spells page, the spells will be incorporated into the Tactics for the Player file. Added a link to the Exile III message board, hopefully more Exile III players will become Blades of Exile players. Updated the Scenarios and Community pages. Oh, also have a working Guest Book.
12-23-98Re-organized the Spells page - verified the information, alphabetized the spells, added the shortcut keystrokes, also edited the descriptions (again). Uploaded a revised and expanded Tactics for the Player. Enjoy the extra time you may have with family and friends and have a happy Winter Solstice.
12-21-98Consolidated both Index pages to one page as I was unhappy with the MIDI sound JavaScript. The need for speed, thus I reduced the HTML size by using <P>s instead of <BR>s. Added info to the Community page.
12-16-98Added a page of the Community and an HTML Utilities page, minor HTML changes. Send me some special node sequences.
12-08-98Minor changes, minor update on Scenarios page - it has its own history text page.
12-05-98Some link additions and updated the Scenarios page.
12-02-98Created two linked Index pages - one JavaScript enhanced (with sound) and a non-JavaScript one. The content is the same for both (a hassle, but a learning experience). Added a Scenarios page that was adapted from JtP's scenarios page. A Credits text page with some information on how this site was created.
11-17-98With regret, removed the link to JtP's Blades of Exile Page, the first page in the old BOE web ring. It hasn't been updated for about two months.
11-11-98Restored Zaloopa's BOE links, also added a link to his Monster Arena Hall of Fame. Changed background color to more closely match the Exile classic cave terrain - averaged the two lighter colors of RGB of 0, 255, 255 and 51, 204, 204 into 25, 230, 230 or 19E6E6 in hexadecimal.
11-03-98Added links to the BOE shareware pages within Spiderweb Software's site and Stareye's Special Spells (edited his Article 35).
10-30-98With 4 of 5 smiley faces, A Simple BOE Page earned the SiteInspector award (frowns - lack of popularity and ftp links being deemed invalid). Didn't use the official graphic because it was too tall, thus made a text link. Added a link to a text page of progress on my scenario - The Return.
10-28-98Added a second scenario guest book series of specials. Used the links at SiteOwner to correct minor errors - spelling, HTML coding, etc. A nice service by LinkExchange, especially the SiteInspector. Used GIF Cruncher, a free utility, to compress all GIF images to 32 colors or fewer.
10-26-98Created and added some special node sequences. With Leon Lin's permission, added some special nodes he wrote in Rubacus. Also, edited and posted Stareye's Mage Lore Guidelines, article 36.
10-20-98Validated the Index and History pages at W3C HTML Validation Service. Thus any browser capable of interpreting the HTML 4.0 standard should be able to correctly display these pages.
10-17-98Removed JtP's BOE Web Ring links. Aceron became the Ringmaster of the original BOE Web Ring and deleted all of the sites to allow a fresh start for Zaloopa's BOE Web Ring. Restored the BOE Web Ring graphics and added two more recommended scenarios - Scott Evan's Truffle Days and Leon Lin's Rubacus.
10-16-98Added Zaloopa's BOE Web Ring links to go with the original Web Ring links. Removed the graphics associated with both Web Rings.
10-14-98Became site #4 on Zaloopa's BOE Web Ring.
10-10-98Moved the BOE Webring Link to the Quick Links side, revised and uploaded Tactics for the Player.
09-29-98Rewrote the page using a one row, two column table to make use of the links side bar. Optimized the JavaScript for the Date and time. Updated links to Spiderweb's Scenario Editor User's Questions Answered page, added a link to Exile Fiction on Akhronath's site. Moved most of the Interesting Links to the Quick Links side bar to remove a basically useless page.
09-21-98Added Aceron's BOE Message Board link and updated the Interesting Links page with the 3 Monster Arenas available. Have spent a lot of time trying to get Roger Moore's Java Scenario Dump to work with Win 95 JRE program with no luck - it would have been nice to have it dump out scenario special node sequences.
08-31-98Formatted the page title using a Figlet service. Changed the colors - background to pale turquoise, links to blue, visited links to crimson. Fixed the Interesting Links page.
08-25-98Uploaded TWOTS 1.3.6 (Enhanced version 1.0.2).
08-17-98Uploaded an enhanced version of Tony Wilsdon's The Wreck of the Slug scenario that has the Nephil Raider. Uploaded a Classic Terrains file for Windows version of BOE and an alternate Bladbase.exs source file for scenarios to Downloads. In Downloads, there's a link to Stareye's site for a Res Edit file of the classic terrains for the Macintosh version of BOE. Made a link to the Monster Arena on Akhronath's page on the Interesting Links page.
08-02-98Added Exile Terrain (Windows bitmap, 256 colors) in Downloads. Made a page of interesting BOE and Exile links. Added Party register special node sequence.
07-26-98Added Tactics for the Player and my version of The Tower of the Magi. Added a page of some Special node sequences. Corrected the Javascript greeting.
07-24-98Added links to some of the best scenarios available. Minor reformatting throughout. Added the BOE Scenario Editor documentation in RTF format in the download section.
07-23-98Created this site, www.kfalls.net/~jamclark/Index.htm and became site #39 on JtP's Blades of Exile Web Ring. Yeah. Corrected spelling.

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