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From 03 December 1998 to 08 February 2000 this site had a comprehensive listing of the available scenarios. It became evident that Brett Bixler's Alexandra Database of scenarios was more current and superior to my listing. Thus I removed the full scenario list from ASBOEP.

This scenario links page was updated 12 November 2001, see its history.

Scenario pages

Spiderweb Software has three pages of unsorted scenarios in three categories: Solid adventures, First efforts, and Untried and untested.

Brett Bixler's Alexandra Database contains the current and comprehensive listing of BOE scenarios. In addition, his excellent scenarios are hosted at his site.

Alcritas' highly regarded scenarios are hosted at his site, the Lyceum. Visit his scenario review page and submit scenario reviews to him via e-mail at ****@*****.

Caligula has a BoE Scenarios Database (Geocities) that also provides additional scenario information. It is not as current as the Alexandria.

Recommended scenarios

The quality, playable scenarios I recommend - by either a highly R or just a r - are listed below with comments. These scenarios displayed many neat aspects and provided a lot of playing entertainment. Note, I have not played many of the current scenarios - thus read review pages and the results of the Olympia contests.

Scenario name, descriptions Rec. level Author Comments

Epic length scenarios
Riddle of the Spheres v 1.11
Quests of the Spheres v 1.09
Destiny of the Spheres v 1.04
Brett Bixler r, Site, walk included, custom graphics
R, Site, hints included, custom graphics
R, Site, hints included, custom graphics
A great combination of logic puzzles, plot, and town design leads a party from level 1 to the 40th level. After the party finds and returns the Spheres, then Instruments of Tonality they face the evil creatures on their own ground. The party's survival being based on finding water and the hostile environment in Destiny are great additions to BOE.

The Wreck of the Slug v 1.36
TWOTS 1.36 Enhanced 1.02
01 Tony Wilsdon and
Sue Harris
R, Site, Walk, One of the first scenarios made
Although somewhat dated by its lack of complex special node sequences, logic puzzles, and custom graphics, it has some great combat situations and a variety of minor missions. It was a pleasure to beta test this fine scenario. Tony allowed me to create an add-on, the Nephil Raider (thus the enhanced version).
Hint - you must complete all of the major tasks before you can leave the scenario normally.

Low level (1 - 8)
Bandit Busywork -- Jeff Vogel, Keeper of Exile r
Jeff Vogel's fourth scenario is a short story about finding bandits terrorizing the valley. His first three are included with the Blades of Exile program.

The Fog v 1.02 01 Ben Frank, 4th scenario R, Hints included, custom graphics
You have many choices to make in this small 1*1 valley and the castle layout is great. This is an apparant adaptation of one of my favorite AD&D modules, Ravenloft.
Hint - save your game with different names before making choices to allow replayability later.

Nephil's Gambit v 1.2 01 Tormod Stangeland R, Walk included, my hints, custom graphics
The Gambit showed a mastery of special nodes and using the party to interact with many NPCs. Talking was key and the player had to complete three major tasks to fully win the scenario.
Hint - save your game with different names at major points - especially before sleeping.

Nightfall v 1.2 01 Scott Evans, 1st scenario R, Walk, top 15 quotes, custom graphics
You start at the university and are required to open a trade route through one of three passages through the mountains. This scenario has some great dialogue and humorous writing (especially for the stairs). See the quotes file above.

Treacherous Waters v 2.1 01 Declan Welsh R
The first scenario that effectively uses a 1*1 outdoors section. The plot is great and tight. Some good special node use and great game balance. Hint - you need to have some good Blades playing skills to use a level 1 party here.

Medium level (9 - 18)
Amazonian Saga v 1.03 15 Haneda Yoshiyuki R, Site, Hints, custom graphics
This scenario breaks the Medieval fantasy tone by having aspects of a Japanese fairy tale. The plot involves a bit of time travel and good combat situations. Instead of completing tasks for rewards, the party gets allies to help in the final fight.

The Forsaken v 1.50 11 Chris "Drizzt" Risberg R, Site, custom graphics

The Magnificent Six v 1.03 -- Leon Lin, 1st scenario R, Site, Hints
The party has to complete tasks to get the password to infiltrate the bandit's lair. One neat aspect is talking to some adventurers (that later return in Rubacus). This is another scenario I beta tested and I'm glad I did.

Of Good and Evil v 1.02 18 Alcritas, 3rd scenario r, Site, custom graphics
This scenario features a good deed counter - what you do (or don't do) affects the ending. This allows some replayability. The player has to make a major decision that affects the ending. Also the concept of gem powered portals is introduced with Crimson Rubies.
Hint - again save your games with different names (especially before you leave the caves with a Wizard's daughter).

Rubacus v 1.01 14 Leon Lin, 2nd scenario R, Site, Hints, custom graphics
The party is challenged in this one as they face a variety of situations - bubble rooms with portals, a dungeon with molten ruby, to an NPC whose death reveals another form to defeat. The adventurers from TM6 make a guest appearance to help guide the party. The Empire Special Secret Service (ESSS) is introduced along with the conflict between the Church of Redundancy Church and the One Way Church.

High level (19 - 30)
Redemption v 1.03 (rated R) -- Alcritas, 5th scenario R, Site, Walk, custom graphics
Most of the scenario's action takes place via a tower. There are many great special node sequences - making scrolls, making two potions, annd others. The concept of gem powered portals is developed further with Azure Sapphires, Sylvian Emeralds, and Amber Hearts (see Of Good and Evil). This is the first scenario to feature a Hall of Fame to recognize the parties that have completed 1 to 3 aspects of the scenario.
Hints - look for a Bridge Troll or you may miss an important item in 4 dungeons. Mirrors are important also.

Requelle's Nightmare v 2.30 25 Mike Natushko rSite, Walk included, custom graphics
Nearly all of the action is in dream land with mist creatures and the evil counterparts of the Tower of Magi citizens. Some of the situations in the dream land didn't make sense to me.
Hint - shop wisely in the Tower.

Truffle Days v 1.02 21 Scott Evans, 2nd scenario R, custom graphics
The beginning really catches the player's attention and some of Exile's history (actually pre-history) is revealed. Just like in Nightfall, the plot is great and the dialogue well written and humorous in areas.

Very High level (31 - 50)
Spy's Quest v 1.02 30 Stareye R, Site, Walk, custom graphics
It starts from a tour of some of the Empire's lands before the party realizes what force is causing the problems. You fight on the Empire's side against two hostile forces that have teamed together to wreak havoc. This scenario features the famous Twisting Temple (well, one of my favorite dungeons) and Stareye's Special Spells.
Hint - this extremely challenging scenario requires very well developed BOE playing skills.

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