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This is an outline of the pages and files at A Simple Blades of Exile Page in alphabetical order (more or less). Use your browser's Find function to find a file or topic of interest.

Index - the main page

  I. Site Links
     A. BOE Scenario Links - links to pages with BOE scenarios
        1. Descriptions of recommended (R, r) scenarios
        2. TWOTS Walkthrough - The Wreck of the Slug
        3. Nightfall Walkthrough and it's top 15 quotes
        4. History - text file of the Scenario page's history
     B. The Exile Community - the complete list of ways to interact with other Exile RPG players
        (clubs, chats, contests, mailing lists, message boards, usenet groups, webrings)
        1. Exile 2 Log (zipped text file) - 11-28-95 to 06-20-96
        2. Exile 3 Log (zipped text file) - 01-12-97 to 04-17-97
     C. Scenario Creation - files, aids, and links to help in scenario creation
        1. Scenario basics - files to download and print
           a. Walkthrough for Basic Scenario Creation (RTF) - an outline for scenario creation
           b. Special Nodes Reference (RTF) - describes special nodes and gives some examples
           c. Optional: BOE Scenario Editor Manual (RTF) - complete and unedited
        2. Utility Scenarios - Bladbase scenario creation files and other scenarios
           a. Bladbase v 1.01 - Official scenario source file
           b. Alternative Bladbase v 1.30 - A scenario source file with many changes,
                 corrections, and additions
           c. Fandore - a three level town, a logic puzzle, and a two level house
           d. The Nexus - play with Affect Party specials and a town with the BOE sounds
           e. The Tower of the Magi - a two level tower with the features of the classic ToM
        3. Some helpful text files:
           a. 500 names - compiled by Aceron
           b. 1000 names - compiled by Zaloopa
           c. Grid squares - a sheet to aid in town and outdoor design
           d. Mage Lore guidelines - created by Stareye
           e. Alchemy balancing - recommended changes to alchemy
        4. Special node sequences (text files)
           a. Doors (2) - place specials on the doors and avoid using Impassible doors
           b. Features (3) - nice little touches
           c. Items and rewards - a complete example by Leon Lin
           d. Outdoors - - a complex example by Leon Lin
           e. Party register - have SDF values based on party composition
           f. Regenerating monsters - by Drizzt
           g. Stareye's Special spells - have monsters "cast" spells with Affect Party specials
              1) Angry Bob - an example
              2) Basilisks - placing monsters
           h. Water - uses Special Items and SDFS to keep track of water
        5. Spiderweb Software resources
           a. The first 50 articles (text files, zipped)
           b. The compiled UQA text file (current to 11/6/01)
        6. Beta testing - helpful text files
           a. A scenario/beta testing checklist of important scenario aspects
           b. My beta testing experience - style and list of tested scenarios
     D. Skyle's 5 PC Party - Exile party development (based on my 5 human PC party)
        1. Zipped Skyle 5 PC parties file for the Windows version of BOE
        2. Exile 3 Advice text file

 II. Other downloads:
     A. Tactics for the BOE Player playing aid in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
     B. Win Classic terrains - the classic light turquoise terrain scheme for the Windows
        version of BOE
     C. A Nethergate Playing Guide (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) - some information on character creation

III. History - detailed history of A Simple Blades of Exile Page

 IV. Site map - an outline of this site's pages and files (this page)

  V. Credits - text file of how this site was made

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