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The Golden Khanate is a Rank 10 Kinship formed on 8 June 2007.  It is a kinship that is actively recruiting as it is our belief that the more members we have, the better gaming experience we can give you.  We are on to play and have fun and often have at least one kin member on during the day, and several log on during the evenings.  Kin nights are monday and wednesday and we spend time in the moors on fridays.

The kinship was founded by Angelino and the original founding horde are Diedtlitt, Bemee, Dwayne, Mastermiguel, and DonDavid.  All of these characters remain active in the game and their players have brought in several other characters as well.  For more information about the founders, please check out the 'councel' page.

The Khanate's kinship house is in Thorins Hall and is the largest house available.  We share access to the three chests  activated with all members of the kinship, each for its own purpose.  No more mailing items from character to character or hoping to find someone to trade your stuff between characters.  The kinship house has a chest reserved just for that!  Just port to the kin house, drop off your stuff, switch characters, and pick it up!  We also have a line of cosmetic clothing and equipment donated by members of the kinship for kin member use. 
Crafting is an important roll in the kinship and a great element of the game.  Although crafting itself is not necissary, it is a fun twist and can be quite helpful.  We have every crafting type amongst our kin and are happy to help each other out.  We share crafting materials, crafted bases, and the finished products amongst the kinship.
Kinship news and updates
LOTRO Instances - We would like to invite all of our members to inform us of what instances they would like to run and what days they are available for play.  E-mail us or send a letter in game to Dwayne, Angelino, or Cappie and let us know what instances your most interested in running. 

Kin Nights - Not available on mondays/wednesdays?  Let us know when the best time for you to play is. Send us an email or a letter and we will see about what days are best suited for kin nights. 

Monday low level kin nigh
t - Got some lower level characters to level?  A few quests that you cant seem to get help with?  Need a fellowship to help you through a book?  Join us monday nights where the kinship gets on to help our lower level members.  Only have high level characters?  Thats fine too, we always welcome that extra help in questing and books.

Wednesday high level kin nigh
t - Felt left out monday because you wanted to go to Angmar?  Or perhaps you need to go to the Rift or into the Delving?  Need a little help with book 12?  Join us wednesday nights when we get on with our high level characters.  The Golden Khanate has several 50th level characters and are glad to help you get that last item in CD or accomplish a few deeds. 

Friday night moor
s - Got a 60th level character you just dont know what to do with?  Join us in the ettinmoors!  On friday nights you can almost always find Angeliquebree, a founding member of the kinship, hunting down those pesky creeps.  But wait, theres more!  Tired of the same old thing, doing quests, killing monsters?  Join us in the moors creep-side!  You will surely find the warg Interceptor bounding around the moors looking for freeps to gank.  Kin members welcome freep or creep side always.  Check out our sister Tribe in monster play, Midnight Fang.
About the Golden Khanate
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Midnight Fang (Our sister tribe creep-side)

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